nov 162012

Want to receive notifications instantly, even when you’re not on Back in January, we announced the extension for Chrome, and today, the extension is available for Firefox too! via

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nov 102012
Hvilke nettbrett kan du kjøpe før jul?

  De nye pc-ene med berøringsskjermer kommer i mange nye former. – Pc-produsentene vi kjenner jobber livet av seg for å komme opp med alternativer i Ipad-racet, sier Anton Hagberg, Norgessjef i I tillegg til nettbrett og vanlige bærbare maskiner med touch-skjerm kommer det en rekke hybridformer, også store bordmaskiner. – Jeg har veldig […]

nov 092012
Windows Phone 8: Tips, Tricks and Hidden Features

Windows Phone 8 handsets are finally hitting retail shelves on Friday, which means anyone can get their hands on Microsoft’s latest mobile operating system. The company has detailed several of the platform’s features — Live Tiles, the new Start Screen, Kids Corner, a revamped Camera, and more — but whether you’re a Windows Phone veteran […]

nov 092012
The Most Important Education Technology in 200 Years?

If you were asked to name the most important innovation in transportation over the last 200 years, you might say the combustion engine, air travel, Henry Ford’s Model-T production line or even the bicycle. The list goes on. Now answer this one: What’s been the single biggest innovation in education? Don’t worry if you come […]

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okt 252012
Windows 8

Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer speaks at a press conference unveiling the Windows 8 operating system on October 25, 2012 in New York City. [Read more…] Related articles Live From Microsoft’s Windows 8 Launch Event( Microsoft to Launch Own News Operation Oct. 26(

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sep 052012
Snart slutt på IPv4-adresser...

Det er snart ikke flere ledige IPv4-adresseblokker i Europa. Behovet for å skifte til IPv6 er akutt. Hos den europeiske organisasjonen Réseaux IP Européens (RIPE) har en nå ca 20 millioner ledige IPv4-adresser. RIPE har innledet en ny fase i tildelingen av IPv4-adresser, hvor en vil vurdere alle søknader om IP-adresseblokker meget nøye og behandle […]

jun 062012
World IPv6 Launch

The World Is Different Now See What People Are Saying… Major Internet service providers (ISPs), home networking equipment manufacturers, and web companies around the world are coming together to permanently enable IPv6 for their products and services by 6 June 2012. Organized by the Internet Society, and building on the successful one-day World IPv6 Day […]

jun 022012
Computer Programming for All: A New Standard of Literacy

Among programmers, a movement is forming around this idea. Shereef Bishay, founder of San Francisco-based Developer Bootcamp, believes that coding is destined to become a new form of widespread literacy within the next 20 to 30 years. Everybody should learn to code, he says, because machine/human and machine/machine interaction is becoming as ubiquitous as human/human […]

mai 192012
Europeana Professional

This site will keep you informed about the latest technical and data developments in Europeana and in the digital heritage sector, our strategic and policy intentions, the building of Europeana and the projects that have contributed to it. For users: Europeana is a single access point to millions of books, paintings, films, museum objects and […]

mai 042012
Microsoft to Use Dolby Sound Tech in Windows 8 - Ina Fried - News - AllThingsD

  Dolby Laboratories said on Thursday that Microsoft plans to incorporate its sound technology into Windows 8. Under the deal, computer makers will be required to license directly from Dolby and pay a royalty to use the technologies. A higher rate will apply for those machines that ship with an optical disc player. “With the […]

apr 242012
Microsoft Updates SkyDrive, Offers Up To 100GB Storage

Microsoft announced an update to its SkyDrive service Monday. Among other features, Microsoft integrated the drive into Windows Explorer and Apple’s Finder so the drive works as an extension of your desktop, and added the ability to access files stored on your drive from the iPad as well as the iPhone and Windows Phone. Microsoft […]

apr 222012
Run Windows 8 on your iPad

Want to see how Windows 8 looks and feels on a tablet? Now you can tap into the experience on your iPad via an app called Win8 Metro Testbed. Designed by the folks at Splashtop, the new app lets iPad users drive the current Windows 8 beta in all its touch-screen glory by remotely controlling […]