apr 222012

Want to see how Windows 8 looks and feels on a tablet? Now you can tap into the experience on your iPad via an app called Win8 Metro Testbed.

Designed by the folks at Splashtop, the new app lets iPad users drive the current Windows 8 beta in all its touch-screen glory by remotely controlling the OS from a desktop. All of the Windows 8 tablet features and gestures are fully accessible on the iPad.

The app will set you back $24.99 in the App Store. And that’s a special introductory price; it will normally cost $49.99. So it’s not geared toward casual users as much as toward developers and other professionals who need to test Windows 8 on a tablet.

How does it work?

Read more via Run Windows 8 on your iPad | Internet & Media – CNET News.

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