jun 062012
World IPv6 Launch

The World Is Different Now See What People Are Saying… Major Internet service providers (ISPs), home networking equipment manufacturers, and web companies around the world are coming together to permanently enable IPv6 for their products and services by 6 June 2012. Organized by the Internet Society, and building on the successful one-day World IPv6 Day […]

jun 022012
Computer Programming for All: A New Standard of Literacy

Among programmers, a movement is forming around this idea. Shereef Bishay, founder of San Francisco-based Developer Bootcamp, believes that coding is destined to become a new form of widespread literacy within the next 20 to 30 years. Everybody should learn to code, he says, because machine/human and machine/machine interaction is becoming as ubiquitous as human/human […]

mar 132010
Store norske leksikon

Store norske leksikon avvikles 1. juli som en forlagseid tjeneste – Vil et norsk nasjonalt leksikon få leve videre som stiftelse med offentlig finansiering? All drift av nettstedet storenorskeleksikon.no er besluttet avviklet fra eierne Aschehoug og Gyldendals side med virkning fra 1.7.2010. Store norske leksikons utgiver Kunnskapsforlaget vil heretter konsentrere seg om å være Norges […]

jan 162009
Creating a Science of the Web

» The Web is the largest human information construct in history». Høres dette spennende ut? Hvem har sagt dette? Du vet ikke hvem Tim Berners-Lee er? OK, he’s the Origin of the WWW-man… Berners-Lee m/flere har  startet WSRI og  hevder bl a  at: